February 2012

Beyond Madness

AKLO's Lovecraftian Dark Ambient Music

AKLO is a dark ambient music “project” rather than a band as such. The unique thing about AKLO is that it is exclusively focused on the works of HP Lovecraft, including both his Dream Cycle and his Cthulhu Mythos. All dark ambient music evokes a mood of horror, but Lovecraftian horror is widely acknowledged to be the most truly horrific type of horror there is- so horrific, in fact, that most of the protagonists in Lovecraft's stories go incurably insane, their minds blasted by contact with the awful secrets behind ordinary mundane reality.


Epic Soundscapes

“Mono” is a Japanese band in the same general category as Sigur Ros, last week's featured act. If huge, sweeping soundscapes are your thing, you're going to love this music. If deeply soothing and calming meditative beauty is more your thing, you're also going to love this music.

Sigur Ros

Iceland's "Victory Rose"



Iceland's “Sigur Ros” have been described as a post-rock band, and they do make use of some rock instruments such as the electric guitar (played with a cello bow!). However, their music would be likely to appeal to any fan of New Age music, due to its contemplative and transcendent qualities and the profoundly calming effect it has on the listener.