December 2011

Music For Earth Orbit

If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. It seems to me that the real mother of invention is the frustration you feel when you go looking for something cool that ought to exist, only to discover that it does not. That's what happened to violinist and New Age composer Alex Johnson, when he went looking for footage of the Earth as seen from orbit accompanied by beautiful and relaxing space music. What he found out there did not impress him- it was either too short or the music didn't really seem to match the photos. So he set out to create the cool thing he hadn't been able to find.


Is New Age Music Satanic?

Understanding the Crazy

Is New Age music a front for Satanism? It sounds pretty funny when you say it straight out like that, as most people who listen to New Age music probably don't take the concept of Satan all that seriously in the first place. But the idea is actually pretty widespread among a certain type of Christians, some of whom do indeed see New Age music as an insidious plot by the Lord of Darkness and his earthly minions.

New Age Composers: Origen

Origen is a New Age artist named after an early Christian Neoplatonist philosopher. That's actually pretty appropriate, because the original Origen had a lot of ideas that have now been embraced by the New Age movement, including reincarnation. He was declared a heretic as a result, but the New Age movement is a lot more open-minded about its eclectic version of Christian spirituality than the mainstream church has ever been.

New Age Dark Hip Hop?

Odd Combination Is Kind of Fun

Here's an extreme example of genre cross-over- a “new age dark hip hop instrumental” piece by DJ Sour Deez. This one is maybe a little bit unsophisticated in places, but I think the spooky vibe of it is really fun. The gothic or “dark romanticist” side of life has always held a lot of appeal for me, and this piece combines that haunted-house feeling with the unstructured free-flowing quality of New Age music and the beats of hip-hop. It reminds me a little bit- although only a little bit- of that one film noir themed album Looper put out, when they were pretending their lead singer had been murdered by non-existent band member Peacock Johnson.