July 2011

Tangerine Dream - "Ricochet"

I wouldn't expect one of the first bands to make New Age music to be from Germany. I guess Germans need to relax as much of any of us. Tangerine Dream, formed in 1967 by a handful of German dudes, made what they considered "cosmic music". If I ever load up a spaceship and launch into the void, I'm definitely bringing along a Tangerine Dream record or two for the journey. They've influenced not only the New Age movement but a lot of electronic music as we know it. If you've ever listened to Ratatat, you've heard one of Tangerine Dream's most obvious musical children. Here's a super vintage-looking video of these dudes doing their thing interspersed with some psychedelic abstractions. It's a two-parter, so make sure to click through when part one finishes. The song is "Ricochet"; it alone makes up the entirety of TD's first live album of the same name from 1975. The video provides a glimpse into what electronic music concerts looked like before they became infested with strobe lights, glowsticks, and French dudes in light-up helmets. The '70s must have been a more relaxed time; I guess the drugs back then were more likely to chill people out than rev them up.