Beyond Madness

Beyond Madness

AKLO's Lovecraftian Dark Ambient Music

AKLO is a dark ambient music “project” rather than a band as such. The unique thing about AKLO is that it is exclusively focused on the works of HP Lovecraft, including both his Dream Cycle and his Cthulhu Mythos. All dark ambient music evokes a mood of horror, but Lovecraftian horror is widely acknowledged to be the most truly horrific type of horror there is- so horrific, in fact, that most of the protagonists in Lovecraft's stories go incurably insane, their minds blasted by contact with the awful secrets behind ordinary mundane reality.

The music of AKLO tries to capture this quality, to serve as a soundtrack of sorts to Lovecraft's unbalanced mythology of forgotten Elder Gods and non-Euclidean cities and forbidden books that drive people crazy. It doesn't just sound spooky or melancholy; it sounds insane. You might just as well open the Necronomicon up and start chanting out loud as to try to use this stuff for meditation.


Of course, they don't actually suggest you try to use it for meditation. They recommend using it as background music when you're playing a Lovecraftian themed role-playing game, when you want to scare the eyeballs out of your neighbors' heads, or when you just think you've been a little too sane lately. I personally believe, though, that if you ever decide to open up the gates between worlds and personally experience the blasphemous insanity of the Lovecraftian gods, you would really want this music to be playing while you did it. Atmosphere is important, after all!