New Age Travelers

New Age Travelers

Of The U.K.

Travelers are a traditional ethnic group of non-Romany who live a gypsy-like nomadic lifestyle on the roads of Scotland, England and Ireland. Of course, gypsy-like lifestyles have always had a tremendous romantic appeal to a certain sort of person, most of whom do not happen to be actual gypsies or travelers.

Thus, the counter-culture known as the “New Age travelers”- people of non-gypsy ethnic origins who wander through the British Isles in caravans of RVs or other vehicles in order to travel from one music festival to another. They are, for the most part, what people would call “hippies,” but a lot of them do subscribe to the broad tenets of New Age spirituality.


New Age travelers used to be a much larger subculture, but back in the 80s the authorities started to crack down on them, and their numbers have dwindled. However reduced they may be, they are still out there, and the RV caravans of the United Kingdom are no longer exclusively Irish Travelers, Scottish Travelers, English Travelers or Romanichal Gypsies. Some of them are “New Age Travelers,” living the romance of the wandering life as they understand it.


Although I'm not particularly interested in their type of music or other aspects of their lifestyle, I have to admit to being somewhat intrigued by the idea of wandering around from place to place in an RV, footloose and fancy free, never staying in one place for all that long. You can admit it- you are too!