New Age Dark Hip Hop?

New Age Dark Hip Hop?

Odd Combination Is Kind of Fun

Here's an extreme example of genre cross-over- a “new age dark hip hop instrumental” piece by DJ Sour Deez. This one is maybe a little bit unsophisticated in places, but I think the spooky vibe of it is really fun. The gothic or “dark romanticist” side of life has always held a lot of appeal for me, and this piece combines that haunted-house feeling with the unstructured free-flowing quality of New Age music and the beats of hip-hop. It reminds me a little bit- although only a little bit- of that one film noir themed album Looper put out, when they were pretending their lead singer had been murdered by non-existent band member Peacock Johnson.


DJ Sour Deez is Aidan McDermott, a producer from Poughkeepsie who makes music with his brother Matt, also known as MCD. They describe most of their music as “new skool hip hop,” and put out music on the Raw Beats Inc record label. All their description says is “two brothers + one dream= real music.”


I think they probably have a little way to go before they reach their full potential, but still there was something really neat about this and I've listened to it three times since this morning. Most fans of New Age music are not really likely to be into Hip Hop, but give this one a try and see what you think. Maybe you'll find the weird mix of new age, hip hop and gothic concepts as fun as I did.