New Age Composers: Origen

New Age Composers: Origen

Origen is a New Age artist named after an early Christian Neoplatonist philosopher. That's actually pretty appropriate, because the original Origen had a lot of ideas that have now been embraced by the New Age movement, including reincarnation. He was declared a heretic as a result, but the New Age movement is a lot more open-minded about its eclectic version of Christian spirituality than the mainstream church has ever been.

Origen the New Age composer is from Kyiv in the Ukraine, and his given name is Alexsey Zakharenko . He has worked with Tanya Lubimenko, an opera singer, for the vocals on his album “Ave Maria.” He also recorded another album called “New Age Opera,” so he's obviously interested in music that combines the two genres.


Origen also works with a lot religious themes, as in his tracks “Ave Maria” and “Kyrie Eleison.” Both tracks have a soft, gentle and prayerful mood. Kyrie Eleison is a free-form chant similar to Gregorian chant. “Dance of the Clouds” is strangely sad, delicate and lovely. “Dedication to Jim Morrison” actually samples the music of the Doors, which is arguably an odd choice for a New age album.


New Age music is often seen as being primarily instrumental, but in his experiments with operatic vocals and his religious songs, Origen puts the emphasis on the human voice. His website actually mentions this as a historical development in New Age music, moving away from pure instrumentation to incorporate vocals as well.