Music For Earth Orbit

Music For Earth Orbit

If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. It seems to me that the real mother of invention is the frustration you feel when you go looking for something cool that ought to exist, only to discover that it does not. That's what happened to violinist and New Age composer Alex Johnson, when he went looking for footage of the Earth as seen from orbit accompanied by beautiful and relaxing space music. What he found out there did not impress him- it was either too short or the music didn't really seem to match the photos. So he set out to create the cool thing he hadn't been able to find.


“Music For Earth Orbit” is the result of this project, and you can check it out either on the musician's website or on Youtube. The concept is simple- enjoy the magnificence and splendorof the Earth from the perspective of outer space, while listening to space music and violin as composed and performed by Alex Johnson.


If you've ever thought you'd like to just take a half hour or an hour to relax in this way, gazing down at the Earth as if you were flying over it from high above, letting the space music carry you away as if you were actually in orbit, then you'll probably find this project very enjoyable. If for some reason you just don't, you could always do as Alex Johnson did, and create your own version of the same project!