Moments In Space

Moments In Space

Space Music and Fractals

Fractals are odd geometric shapes that can be broken up into smaller pieces, each of which looks the same as the full-sized piece. This happens for complex mathematical reasons that are way, way over my head. Math has never been my strong suit. Anyway, fractals interest a lot of people for a lot of reasons. They're mathematically interesting, if you're into that sort of thing. They're aesthetically interesting, because the shapes are often compelling to look at. And they occur naturally, which is kind of neat.

In this New Age music video by Vincent Stahl, fractal images are worked into computer-animated scenes of various kinds, including bikini-clad CGI women in a fractal landscape, people lounging around on fractal couches, and a fractal spaceship cruising through outer space. The space music in this piece is called “Hard Work,” while the combination of music and video is called “Moments in Space.”


I'm sure that the process of designing and creating all of the fractal-based animation was a lot of fun for Mr. Stahl, but I'm not so sure that it added much to my personal experience of this track. It's an enjoyable piece of space music, which sounds like faint praise but really isn't. Space music doesn't really get you pumped up or make you want to jump up and down. It just creates a mood, and this track created that expansive, vaguely spooky yet meditative “space music mood” for me just as effectively without the CGI as with it.