"Merlin's Magic"

"Merlin's Magic"

New Age Music

This track is more typical of New Age music than some of the other pieces I've linked to on this blog. Peaceful, relaxing, free-flowing music intended for either meditation or deep relaxation exercises. I use New Age and ambient music for those purposes myself, and I assume a lot of the people who listen to this type of music do the same.


There's a school of thought that says you can't really meditate with music because your mind will only follow the music and you'll never achieve one-pointed concentration. I can see some validity to that, but in my experience the opposite problem is just as bad. If I try to meditate without music, my mind just goes to whatever background noise is in the environment- the TV in the other room, my daughter talking to my wife, the cat rattling the door frame.

You might say I should try to meditate in a quiet space, but not everyone has access to a quiet space. I don't- there's not a single place in my living environment where I can cut off input from the outside world even temporarily. Free-flowing, structureless music is an effective way for me to remove my mind from the immediate environment and go inward, making it much easier for me to achieve a fruitful meditative state. Sometimes a change in the music can have a similar effect to the ringing of a bell or tapping of a stick in Zen meditation, setting off a sudden moment of presence and awareness.