Guided Meditation With New Age Music

Guided Meditation With New Age Music

Opening The Third Eye

Guided meditation videos combining New Age music, artwork, and a soothing voice-over: this is where New Age music and New Age spirituality really intersect. You can bring the video up on Youtube, plug in your headphones, and let the combination of the voice and the music guide you into meditative bliss, reduce your anxiety, or even help you to achieve enlightenment by opening your third eye.


What is the third eye, you say? It's the spot on your forehead above and between your two eyebrows, where the pineal gland is located. According to horror master HP Lovecraft, stimulation of this unholy spot will give you access to a really awful alternate reality, and you'll go insane faster than you could possibly hit the pause button on this video.

According to less pessimistic and more traditional spiritual interpretations, stimulation of the third eye will enhance your natural psychic powers, give you the ability of astral projection, and so forth and so on.


None of this means, of course, that you can really just flip the switch and turn on your third eye- if such a thing even exists- just by watching this video. Still, HP Lovecraft aside, I'm pretty sure it won't hurt you either. Plus, I think you'll probably find it to be quite relaxing. The use of a voice to guide your meditation can be effective at drawing your mind away from worldly distractions, and the soothing New Age music can help soothe away anxieties that might otherwise impede you. So give it a try.