Behold the Darkness

Behold the Darkness

Medwyn Goodall


“Behold the Darkness” is a New Age track by Medwyn Goodall, from his album “Comet.” I decided to listen to it because of my fondness for the darker side of New Age music, but upon hearing the track all the way through I think it's more of a cinematic piece. Soundtrack music is a lot like Classical music except that it's a bit more dramatic, verging on over-the-top depending on your personal tastes.

Some people really get into those sweeping, grandiose emotional flourishes. Other people see them as being kind of cheesy. It's a matter of subjective opinion, so I won't try to take a side, but I do like this piece. It has a lot of feeling, and you can hear the storytelling in it. Give it a listen, and let the music tell you the epic story of a movie you've never seen because it doesn't actually exist. I'm sure the movie you see in your own head won't be the same one I see in mine, but I'm equally sure that you will see one.


In this way, cinematic or soundtrack-style music bears a distinct resemblance to illustration art. Illustration art is one of my favorite kinds of art, and it also faces criticism sometimes for being too dramatic or grandiose. But a great illustration can evoke an entire story with a single well-chosen scene, and that's why it's always so fun to look at it- just like this track is fun to listen to.